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Monday, March 19th, 2012 By Colonised_Sandwich

Reminder : How to obtain a CS GO Beta Key

Due to the amount of people who asked how to get CS:GO keys generally during our last giveaway we’re just putting this up as a reminder. The following does not involve GamingSydney however we still have keys to giveaway ;).

Counter Strike:GO has been in the beta phase for a while now, and the reviews it has received isn’t making it any easier for long time counter strike fans patiently waiting for the remake of the famous franchise. This method of obtaining the beta key is not guaranteed but it’s better than sitting on your butt all day wondering how awesome it would be to AWP n00bs in HD.

Step 1. Fill out a survey on Steam

Step 2. Wait patiently and constantly refresh your steam inventory.

After you fill out the survey your username will be put in to a draw with other people who have finished the survey as well. When valve releases more beta keys, they will choose you based on what you have answered in the survey. You never know, you could be that lucky few. I know I can’t wait for mine to pop up in my inventory.

Also Valve has recently released a blog post explaining how they are tuning the game based off user feedback.

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